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Arcing Light Practitioner's Class

Are you interested in becoming an Arcing Light Practitioner?

WHEN:    Classes are scheduled as interest demands, so please contact us!

COST:            $350, includes lunch each day.  $100 deposit to hold seat.

LOCATION:     Sedona, Arizona or other pre-arranged location

PRE-REQUISITE:   Students must have experienced the Arcing Light Energy prior to class.

This can be a life changing experience!

This class consists of receiving two (2) days of high vibrational energies that will place you in an altered state of consciousness so you are fully relaxed.  It is a transformational process that raises your vibration as your own density and negative thought patterns are released.  There is a forming of a deeper connection to your own divinity within as new alignments are placed within you, expanding your gifts and intuition and healing abilities.  As Mother Earth continues to accelerate, so do all possibilities of advancement.  Arcing Light Energy builds as each class expands it.  The only requirement is your willingness to receive!

Consider how Arcing Light can enhance your life!


To register for the class or to obtain more information on Arcing Light Sessions, please contact me!

Peggy Lindsey, Arcing Light Practitioner, Instructor, and Teacher of Teachers

(928) 273-8447       onangelswingshealing@gmail.com